Located right in the hub of the city T.NAGAR, 10 Downing Street is a wonderful joint decked in an old style boutique building. This bar is all about the music with live nights as well as Ladies Nights every Wednesday and Karaoke Nights every Thursday.  If you are looking to break free, try the Tequila shots and Jagermeister (Rs 400) or go for their lime-based cocktails (Rs 600) or stick to the good old Kingfisher beer (pint for Rs 260).Set on the ground floor of an old style boutique hotel building, the place attracts customers right through the day. Once you get past the foyer, the room at the left converts into an action-packed dance floor at night, again with a karaoke screen that slides down at one side.The bar is diagonally across the place from this suitably cramped area, opposite a connecting hall with checkerboard pattern of black and white floor tiles. The drinks menu is vast and the flaming shooters are the high point of 10 Downing Street. The best option at 10 Downing Street is to go for their fixed menu option. For this, you can have a glass of beer, or a soft drink, or a soup, followed by a huge option from three different styles of cuisine, Indian, Oriental or European. 10 Downing has remained popular since it opened its doors to Chennai’s fun seekers!The entry fee is Rs 200 entry + Rs 1,000 cover (couples only and works from  Noon to 6.30 pm and 7 pm to midnight (Monday to Sunday).

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