‘2017 was a stressful period’- Anil Ambani

What’s your view on the 2G court ruling?
Truth never dies. No individual or corporation should be humiliated and shouldn’t cause any damage to individual and corporate reputation. The goodwill which has been built for years will be broken in a second. The legacy of the one-time charge came from the 2G spectrum.

Did you pay the price of being rich and famous?
I am a common man just like you all. I am neither rich nor famous.

When did Reliance CommunicationsNSE -2.99 % (RCom) see the writing on the wall?
The telecom market was under consolidation. The business which was strong were becoming more powerful and which was weak were becoming more weaker. At that, we either had to be stronger or weaker. Then we had many discussions with Bharti, Vodafone and with Tatas.

You had initially planned to sell your enterprise business, but that’s now not part of the assets that have been sold. Why? Did the bids come in lower than your expectations?
Reliance Communications is a strong company which focusses on the global market. In the coming months, a strong strategic partner will be joining.

Was 2017 the toughest year for Reliance Group?
It was a great learning. I had faced face interrogation, go to the trial court as a witness for the prosecution, had to drag my wife Tina to the court. I would never want to experience those issue. 2017 was a kind of tough year. We got stuck from all sides and with the banking system saying do not expect any resolutions or approval.
Since it was a stressful period there were just a few people who stood beside me. People would not return calls, not want to engage, not want to be seen with me.

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