Padman Challenge

Now what is this padman challenge and how did it begin you may ask? The padman challenge is spreading virally and the challenge is that you have to take a picture holding a sanitary pad. Many bollywood celebrities have been doing the challenge nominating their colleague celebrity stars and it goes as a block of chain. The name padman comes from the movie starring akshay kumar, Radhika Apte,Sonam Kapoor directed by R.Balki which is based on the entrepreuner Arunachalam Muruganantham making a huge change to the society be producing sanitary napkins.The initial release was supposed to be on january but due to the release of padmavati it was changed to the 9th of february.

The padman challenge was not only created to promote the movie but to embrace the natural movement in a lifecycle of a woman and support it . The challenge begun with Sonam Kapoor and holding a pad in their hand and tweeting::Thank you @murugaofficial for the #PadManChallenge ! Yes that’s a Pad in my hand & I don’t feel weird. It’s natural, Period!Copy, Paste this & Challenge your friends to take a photo with a Pad!”
And thus started the padman challenge from sonam kapoor,Radhika apte,Akshay kumar,Alia bhatt, Ayushman Kurrana, Aamir Khan and many more celebrities and ending it to Anushka sharma and varun dhawan who are starting to film the movie Sui Dhaga together are seen holding a sanitary napkin together and tweeting “Varun Dhawan and I just hanging out, holding a pad, no big deal, just another regular day.” who went on tagging Katrin Kaif, Tiger Shroff, and Karan Johar.
Let’s do this challenge for a change ,Hold a sanitary napkin in your hand with the hashtag #padmanchallenge and nominate your fellow mates too and start a big block chain.