A living example of a happy person who has managed to reach the full capacity of her being-Dr. Abilasha

“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life”Abraham Maslow.


FACT – she stood state
first in her 12th board examinations.

Text Box: FACT – she stood state first in her 12th board examinations.A living example of a happy person who has managed to reach the full capacity of her being, in addition to pushing herself an extra mile every day is DR. ABILASHA.  She is a celebrity psychologist and hypnotherapist by profession who loves psychology to a level that she breaths it in every day. She is extremely empathetic and assertive in her ways and goes to great extent to bring awareness about psychology as a field, nationally. She has successfully pioneered in bringing awareness about psychology all over Tamil Nadu. She has a strong sense of knowledge and holds education as a key to her success and expertise. She respects elders who provide advice but also strongly believes that experience alone cannot lead to perfect counselling and expertise in psychological counselling is mandatory.


A little about DR. ABILASHA:

She has pursued psychology as her major from Chennai. She has achieved a lot on par with her counterparts mainly due to her passion and consecration towards the subject. She has efficaciously bought awareness to psychology by dedication and exposure to media. A lot of us are exposed and educated about psychology thanks to dr. abilasha. Her chief goal is to make psychology a majorly renowned subject all over India with the help of media. She wishes to spot light on emotional issues such as child sexual abuse, marital tiffs, personal mental health issues etc. and help people approach the right type of mental health professionals to help them ease through. She craves to become her own inspiration in her field, this helps fuel her motivation and aspirations.


Here are a few questions answered honestly by DR. ABILASHA.


Your thoughts on so called psychology shows on television?

Firstly, why must we undermine ourselves by linking psychology to those shows? Those who conduct the shows carefully never utter the words from a psychologist dictionary. But when a layman watches the show he automatically assumes this is how it takes place. Also we can make the audience become aware that it isn’t a psychological show as it does not occur in a clinic nor is it headed by a licensed psychologist. If I can make them understand that whatever they are watching is merely done for TRP ratings, it can erase the wrong information they process about my field. Usually such shows end up leaving the victims with post-traumatic stress and worsen their condition.






What are the 3 main essential qualities required for mental health wellbeing among youth?

Primarily spend some time with yourself, as it is vital to get to know yourself. Secondly spend some time with the real-world sans the virtual life. Thirdly I feel youth nowadays aren’t hard working and it takes a toll on overall performance. A lot of youth proclaim to be smart working but I don’t see them succeeding there as well. The main difference between past and present generation is that the latter look for quick fixes. They need to work on adapting themselves and how to develop themselves to suit the environment. One major flaw would be addiction to virtual social media which makes them prone to insecurities and depression. Lack of motivation is also a mental wall that blocks them from achieving their full potential.


Can you tell us about a day in your week?


I work on a schedule and plan things promptly. I have enough free time for myself which helps me in rejuvenating for the next task. I don’t tend to panic if things don’t go the way they were supposed to. Being a psychologist can leave us emotionally drained and to relax you need some free time. I balance my work to get this free time. During which I sometimes sit and admire nature from the terrace or enjoy a good movie. I love spending time with my pets. I also love shopping. An ideal perfectionist moves on from task to task and does not dwell in one spot for long.


How do you handle criticism?

 When you attain success, it is always accompanied by criticism and aspects which can hurt you. As an individual I believe the more criticism you get the more you grow and evolve. Reaching a celebrity status can irk anger in a lot of people which will make them say mean things to satisfy their egos. Even though it can be hurting and uncomfortable it can easily be erased by the slightest compliment you receive from your client. When your client holds your hand and expresses how you changed their life despite difficulties, it brings in a gush of happiness and sense of meaning to my position in life.



Can psychologist really read minds?

Initially when I was a student this phrase used to make me feel fancy and fascinated by it. As a newbie in psychology you cannot read minds but there is a catch here which is experience and exposure. As a psychologist, we are at luck where an individual completely opens to us. We are in favour when compared to other health professionals who are only exposed to one aspect. We deal with the entire package.so I would say yes! It is possible to read minds with the help of behaviour.



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