Acid Attack Survivors


Acid attack is an act of throwing acid or similar corrosive substance on the body of others with an intention to kill or hurt them. The most common types of acids used in such attacks are sulphuric acid, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. Of these, hydrochloric acid is less damaging. Consequences of Acid attack involves blindness, permanent scarring of face and body and other physiological difficulties. It is estimated that around 1400 crimes involved acid throwing or relative corrosive substances between 2011 to 2016 to assault others. Here are some acid attack survivors who refused to give up and emerged stronger.

  • Laxmi Aggarwal is a victim of the acid attack who never gave up and is still achieving a lot. She is the founder of an NGO named Stop Acid Attacks. She was thrown acid on her face when she was 14 by a 32-year old man. After the incident, her contribution to the welfare of women was on a high and she was also awarded the International Women of Courage Award in US.


  • Monica Singh is from Lucknow, India who was thrown an entire bucket of acid by a jilted admirer at her place. Even after the attack, this spirited lady never gave up and is currently involved in encouraging the survivors to pursue their dreams by using fashion as a tool.

  • Kavitha Baruni was attacked with acid in 2012 but this did not deter the love of life, Nitesh who encouraged her to take the battle to court even when her own family members were not convinced with the idea. The couple got married in April 2017 and they are leading a happy life together.
  • Madhu Kashyap was affected by acid attack who took up nearly eight surgeries in total after the attack. She recalls that when the attacker threw acid on her face, she felt a burning sensation and she was squirming out of pain. Then a stranger took Madhu to the hospital. She tells about the pain that she faced during the surgery – firstly, there was a physical pain which is an impact of surgery. Another pain which was very worse is when they remove the skin from other parts of her body to fix the damaged part.

Though the world has scarred these women physically and emotionally, they never gave their hope or despaired at the situation and still working hard to rebuild their lives. Writers café in Gopalapuram, Chennai employs so many burn survivors. This is an excellent idea to encourage such victims. This café which is the brainchild of M Mahadevan, a restaurateur, has tied up with Prevention International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care to give such women a second chance in life

According to the latest report, India is one among the three countries which have the highest incidences of acid attacks in the world which also includes Bangladesh and Cambodia. The main reason behind this is the availability of acids at cheaper rates which is easily affordable by all. In India, 88 per cent of the acid attack perpetrators were men and 72 per cent of the victims are women.


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