Actor Nagarjuna Is Back To Bollywood

After a decade the Telugu star Nagarjuna is all set to come back to Bollywood after his last film LOC Kargil. Sources say that he joined hands with Amitabh Bachchan at the Mumbai on Tuesday. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia are in the lead roles.

“Nagarjuna wanted to do a Hindi film from a long time but was looking for an interesting project. He finally gave his nod to this one. He will join the Hindi film’s sets from Tuesday onwards in Mumbai.” resource person said.
For the past six years, Ayan has been continuously working for Brahmastra which is said to be a first fantasy adventure film.

“This film is a modern day film. It is set in India as it exists today but the name of the film is Brahmastra because the energy, wisdom, and powers in the film come from ancient India. As far as costumes are concerned, there are some which may not be the way you would expect them to be,” earlier said by Ayan.

Ranbir in an interview said that “, “It is actually a supernatural romantic fairy tale at heart. Ayan will never make a character that doesn’t have truth to it, or which is unbelievable. It’s too early to talk about the film, but it is something I am terribly excited about.”

Also, the film is expected to hit the theatres on 2019 Independence Day.

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