Aditi Balan and Arun Prabhu celebrating pongal in Orphanage



Alot films are releasing but not everything is worth watching but Aruvi is a must watch film for all kind of
audience. The director captured the comical and emotional side of a human being in the movie. He is
one among the very few directors to choose this kind of genre. Also the heroine has done a wonderful
job and no one will believe that its her first debut. There are so many people who are longing for love and
affection. One such organisation is SIP Memorial Trust. On Jan 12th, 2018 Actress Aditi Balan and
Director Arun Prabhu visited the home and celebrated Pongal with the children.

The children were so excited and happy to meet them. The director first asked the children to introduce
themselves and then they slowly started to interact with eachother. Aditi Balan along with a girl sang a
song for the children and later both Arun and Aditi danced with all the children in the home.

Every celebration is all about giving or sharing. Arun Prabhu and Aditi distribute dresses and fruits to all
the children and caretakers too and cake cutting was also done. The children’s said that it was a great
time and wanted them to visit often.



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