As per Reema planning a wedding is like running a company where you are the CEO of LOVE.

Weddings are the most beautiful events that tend to occur for every individual once in a life time. While many of us are busy forecasting matching hair and makeup along with designer attires this special person is the cognizance and soul behind the wedding. Reema is a real-life fairy god mother for thousands of girls in Chennai who come to her to make their reverie nuptials come true. There was never a time that made her back down; even a natural disaster must bend down before her and the perfectly premeditated weddings. She loves adding dramatic touches to the weddings that she plans as it makes the memories more strong and enchanting. (Who doesn’t love a filmy entrance where the bride is carried by her groom?) She has a well spread set up in South India &specializes in doing her work in house and limits outsourcing to a bare minimum. She is a qualified floral decorator as well.

She is truly a beautiful person inside out who talks with special love towards her profession and how destiny helped her reach where she is now. She loves the drama and the vein that revolves around weddings and becomes anin-depth part of the weddings to a level where she is an indispensable part of the family.

As per Reema planning a wedding is like running a company where you are the CEO of LOVE. She is in this field to make people happy and cherish their D-DAYS. Factually she does run a wedding planning company called Ishté. It sounds quite an unusual name but what it actually means is divine and that’s what she thinks her wedding business is all about.

Small talk with her can influence even the coldest of hearts to fall in love and get married with her planning the wedding according to their taste and fancy.



I am a very happy go lucky person and I view life through positive shades. I follow my heart and follow my passion thoroughly. Wedding planning gives me utmost happiness and I have no idea why! The best kick that I get is during the D-day when I see the bride and groom on the mandapam seconds before they enter their eternal journey of love.






I was born and brought up in Ahmadabad and I pursued my MBA in Hyderabad. As a child when someone asks you what you want to become, you tend to answer something in fashion and that’s what I did even though subconsciously I had immense attraction and desire to this field. When I moved to Chennai to look after my dad’s business, I met my husband and by luck of fate he was into event management and planning. So, I asked him why aren’t you doing weddings and he was shocked as he had never heard of such things happening in Chennai. That’s when the diploma I did in wedding planning came handy and in September 2012 we decided Chennai needed wedding planners and I was up for that task. Probably my love and adoration towards this job made me reach it one way or another.




It is a divine concept. Let us first become aware of the difference between a wedding and marriage. A wedding is just an event of gathering of people and relatives to ring in the festive mood into action. Whereas a marriage is the permanent adhesive this is stronger than super glue that joins together not just the bride and the groom but 2 different families. At first you only have one pair of grandparents and parents now you have 2 or more of each. Marriage is the celebration of marking the day when 2 special people and their families unite for the first time and forever.





The first and the most important requirement for me from my client isn’t the pay check or advance but it is the simple facet of trust. This faith can do wonders. When the bride and groom trust me, and put their belief in me there is no backing down or letting them down. When they know, there is someone who will handle the entire process in the way that they described they tend to frown less and smile more. With the help of conviction and confidence over me I can give wedding stress a break. Since this is my dream job, personally I do not get stressed as doing it keeps my adrenaline pumping and my concentration is always in the present in making dreams come true. My motto is “I am not taking their stress I have just won their trust”





My pro tip to upcoming wedding planners is to always indulge in high amount of backward planning.  Your utmost focus must array from the tiniest safety pin to the entire auditorium. The expected glaze will only be attained when there is an emotional connection to the planning. You can never be a white collared worker and slap a no to the clients. You need to inculcate emotions in your words and explain it to them the way they need to be assured. Wedding planning can never be done if you are not willing to put your heart and soul into the job. More about backward planning involves having multiple teams to handle an entire extravaganza of a wedding. My strengths include our in house set up for set designing & floral decoration. The process that we follow at Ishte for a wedding is as under:

Ø Concept Development

Ø Proposal & Planning

Ø Event day coordination

Ø End to End Solutions





To be honest I have integrated my employees into teams who handle different activities at the same time. Work is allotted and properly managed. We have a very professional set up that is divided into different teams that work under me like design & decor, set production& execution, client servicing and accounts. It is a fully-fledged work force and not a one man show. The icing on the cake is my husband Atreya Tiwari who has provided me with unconditional support and encouragement. He is so involved with my work that on days that he can’t make it, the wedding folks tend to miss him. He is extremely jovial, fun loving and motivates me to follow my heart rather than doing something melancholic. He is my stress buster. We live in a joint family with mutual respect and understanding of every bodies working space. In fact all my family members have been my greatest inspiration and without their support I would have never reached where I am today.





We have done a lot of weddings all different kinds and different breeds. Every wedding that I plan and perform is the best and it keeps getting better and better. Every wedding has its own magical fairy-tale charm added to it. Weddings keep evolving with people and their mindset and the dreams that they have. My only allegiance is to make the couples dream come true using Reema’s signature. Imagine the couples dream wedding as the gift but the wrapping is done by me. So, every wedding that I have done so far is a dream wedding.

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