CAST-Ranveer Singh, Vaani  Kapoor

DIRECTOR-Aditya Chopra




While the posters of Befikre created hype all over the nation,  people wondered whether the posters were worth the hype. Since the film is based on love, the makers of the film had officially launched the trailer at EIFFEL TOWER, The City of  Love FRANCE,PARIS,

With Ranveer and Vaani looking smokin’ hot in their new romantic flick , the trailer of Befikre was totally worth all hype. Adithya Chopra is back into his directorial chair after a 8year break.  Befikre is out creating a intensive publicity on social networks.

Focusing on the trailer of Befikre, it clearly describes that the film is not about  a standard love story,  it shows were 2 strangers who meet and decide to live the moment with no promise of the future. The characters are carefree without any fear enjoying their life to the fullest.

With the climax still remaining as a suspense to the audience, the film is all set to release this December and will show whether Vaani and Ranveer will fall in love or stay as ‘FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS’