Bhagamathie movie review


With a couple of blockbuster hits notably Baahubali 2, Anushka is back at it again with Bhaagamathie, a horror film directed by Ashok.

The story begins with Saanchala( Anushka) an IAS officer accused of murder is left alone in a haunted house by the CBI for interrogation, needless did she realise that there lives a spirit there called bhaagamathie.. Will saanchala escape from the clutches of bhaagamathie and does it affect anyone is the rest of the story.

Many people found this movie to have more drama than horror considering the amount of twists. Anushka known for her extraordinary performances in all the roles she has worked on has no flaw in working in a ghost role too especially her experience with arundhathi. Jayaram has done his bid in this movie really well too. The role for Ansuhka as bhaagamathie was more defined than shaanchala and there were not much in depth into the character. The first half where Saanchala keeps roaming the house is predictable to jumpscares like most of the horror films we’ve seen but the second half becomes rather slow , we usually expect an exorcism to happen after a possession but the director has given us a bit of a twist at the end. The movie for the genre the director worked on goes below a horror movie standard considering the amount of predictions.

RATING : 2/5

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