Every Indian household will eventually witness this event at one point of time or the other. A recent survey held in 2010, states that it requires up to 3 lakhs minimum to hold a wedding ceremony. If that was the case 6 years ago imagine the rise in cost of living in the current time of living. Weddings tend to have 3 important things in common which include the bride, the groom and a whole load of cash to hold a successful and memorable event which happens once in a life time. Irrespective of the religion, weddings are beautiful and treasurable. It is completely the interest and desire of the family to hold a grand wedding or a simple one irrespective of the budget planned,every wedding based on the preferences requires months and months of planning and performance for it to take place not to mention extreme load of last minute tension and stress. So what’s the conclusion? Always hold a simple wedding? No! as long as everybody’s got themselves reliable wedding planners whose main passion is the planning rather than the money , we can eventually carry out a “to be remembered grand wedding at pocket friendly pricings.”

Weddings bring together family and friends where a day or two can bring and create wonderful memories for the guests as well as the family that hosts the wedding not to forget the main stars of the wedding. A day and night event consisting of colors, delicious food , drinks and dance where you can meet people you don’t get to meet for years or a handsome stranger or the close cousin from overseas. Of course there is a happy ending for the couple both together and with all the gifts that they receive.