Blend is one of the coolest places in Chennai to hang out at and is located at the Taj Club House,Thousand lights. A perfect retreat for the city’s hip and happening crowd all seen every weekend, the decor has an international appeal and the pulsating music is an added bonus. Before you blend in, don’t forget to try out their house blends and pineapple shots. The Classic Beer Margarita (Rs 550) and Metropolitan (Rs 550) are a must try. The super cool decor is very international and sitting at the bar you get the feeling you could be anywhere in the world. It is a Taj Bar and your bill could end up setting you back a bit, but this does not seem to deter the regulars. The cocktails run from the regular to the exotic, as does the extremely well stocked bar with a well informed bar tender, who is quite ready to experiment if you should need him to. Definitely a place to be seen at, Blend should figure on everyone’s to do list. The occasional live band is a big draw. On other days, the young and very hip DJ mixes great music to keep you rocking. The entry fee is Rs 1,500 cover (Friday) and Rs 2,000 cover (Saturday) and works from 5.30 pm to 11 pm (Monday to Sunday)

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