Challenges which keeps the man moving- Umashankar

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”– Franklin D. Roosevelt

This quote can perfectly summarize the life of the successful career of this week’s game changer mister Umashankar Sudarsan.



About Umashankar Sudarsan-

Umashankar joined Leeyo in August 2011 and serves as its Vice President- Indian Operations. In that capacity, he oversees company’s development, technical, business strategy and customer support teams for Indian Operations. Over the past 20 years, Umashankar has developed an extensive network in Indian regions, which helped Leeyo dramatically scale its infrastructure and diversified its product offerings while maintaining a strong culture of innovation. Prior to Leeyo, he was Assistant General Manager for TVS & Sons and held management roles in leading companies in India. Umashankar holds B.A. in Economics from Loyola College, an MBA (Marketing) from University of Madras and Completed Senior Management (Business Administration & General Management) from IIM-Calcutta.

How do you find time for yourself amongst all this?

I hardly have any time for myself. My life boggles around my work and time management is an essential skilled to be mastered. The moment I step home I switch off from work and concentrate on my family and relax myself.


What are the 3 essential qualities required by a business man?

Number 1 is leadership as it is the primary and most necessary compass for any moving action plan. Next comes integrity this makes rapport building and business sharing an easy and attainable task. Personal and professional integrity serves all. A person with high integrity tends to be confident and career oriented. Finally, the most important quality is communication; this is the blood of business. Be it oral, verbal or written, is extremely indispensable and can provide a boost overall.


If not a business man, whose life would you have chosen?

NAVY! Being an all-rounder in school and procuring all India best cadets I aspired to be a part of navy. I couldn’t make it as I wasn’t a math student, my spotlight was in arts. Never the less I would have joined the navy if some magic happened and I was asked to switch life.


How does it feel to be known as a game changer?


I feel very excited and take pride in my amazing team and group of right people. I am always a team oriented person and believe in the fact that when one human being can achieve a certain amount of success imagine the areas you can cover with an entire team. I love challenges in life and this keeps me moving forward.


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