Chicken Biriyani Cooked by Prisoners

A new biriyani spot has been opened in kakkanad. Wondering whats new about it? The new place is not a fancy restaurant or fast food, but in the counter of the district jail. ‘Food for Freedom’ sells around Rs.80,000 everyday after some new additions to the menu.

It is located on the side of the Seaport road at the entrance of the jail. Sources say that they used to get around Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000 everyday and used to sell only chapathi, egg and some vegetable curry. Later they started biriyani and some other different curry items. From then the daily collection has increased.

‘Food for Freedom’ opens early in the morning till 7 pm. The prices are very affordable. It is Rs 2 a piece of chapathi, Rs 20 for curry. Chicken packets are distributed around 10 am and will be over by 2 pm. Dishes like chicken curry, chicken 65, chilli chicken and chilly gobi fly are available post lunch.

One of the good thing about this jail food counter is it has a ‘share meal’ system. Which means people can buy food coupons for Rs.25. Many people get the coupons and distribute it to the poor people. Jail authorities select 28 prisoners on a regular basis with a daily wage of Rs. 148 to prepare food.