Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another- Thats dancer Sherif for you

Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another. These words are proved to be truthful by Sherif, who lives for and by dancing. According to Sherif dance is the oxygen that keeps him alive and striving in this world. He has successfully worked in 100 plus songs in the Tamil industry and is a living instance of someone who tracked his dream to grasp triumph. He was extremely polite over the phone and spoke of dance with the same excitement and enthusiasm he shared from the start. He proclaims himself as a story teller who is here to share his worldly experience and knowledge to others.

A little about SherifI was born and bought up in Coimbatore. I have been running my own dance school from the year 2003. My big break was in the dance reality show “ungalinyaraduthaprabudeva” where I flourished as a winner amongst 12k other participants. After that I occupied myself by researching more and more about dance 2013 I entered the film industry in soodhukavum “kasupanamdhudu”. Fast-forward to today and I am doing my 110th song today.


What made you choose dance amongst millions – As a child I always enjoyed getting attention. Who doesn’t love attention right?

This attention seeking trait of mine pushed me to acquire new activities to entertain my folks and relatives. Ranging from slapstick stand-up comedy to dancing. There was a special connection with dance, that’s why when I started, it clicked amazingly well. I can say I was gifted with dance ever since I was born. I watched a lot of Michael Jackson videos which intrigued and enthralled me. Performing on stage gave me a good high and it became a sherif thing. I love the fact, when more than 2 dancers are performing, the idea of making them sync their unique styles is the main game changer. Ever since I learnt that formula it has been magical.


Life from the eyes of a dancer – We eat and sleep like normal human beings (laughs). To become a 100% dancer, you don’t just hear the music and groove. Your mind, soul and entity moves to the tune of the song. Imagine some unreal puppet strings from the above that makes you rave. As a dancer, we live life with a sync and are ever prepared to get up and move. Music leads us to our next interchange.


You wake up one day and realize you have forgotten your moves – That’s like my dream come true. I don’t want to remember anything from my past (laughs) I always crave to start each day as a brand-new day. So, what if I forgot my steps from the past, I can easily recreate new steps and move on. Since dance is ever living inside me, I have no fear of losing it.


Future goals and aspirationsI don’t fix goals and deadlines. I do my job and I make sure I can fulfil it 100%. Goals are over rated. It’s better to know your abilities and potentials and then follow the path that life provides you with. I have a passion or you can call it a wish. I wish to be film maker. Story telling is my craving and with the aid of dance I can make my stories come true on screen.



What makes Sherif move forward in life – I believe in this basic motto, always have a scare. The scare represents our failures, criticism and the time when people disrespected you. This scare will persuade you to leave the comfort zone and achieve your vision. I love receiving criticism from people. When someone tells me positive feedbacks, I tell them no tell me what I really want to hear. Negative reviews or criticism puts you in the ground and makes sure that the fire burns longer in your heart. So, I reckon the youngsters outside to be happy if someone criticises them, to take it as a fuel which will power their vehicles.