All of us love to go to the beach but does everyone get the pleasure of enjoying the waves on our feet.
Regarding the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Dec 3rd 2017, Raindropss a reowned
youth based social organization which is creating awareness messages to the public through media and
entertainment has laid a temporary ramp “REACH THE BEACH”on Elliot’s beach for the persons who
cannot reach the shore.
They used interconnecting plates on the sand in such a way to make it more easy. Aravind Jayabal,
founder of Raindrops said, the observance of the Day aims to promote “Together a better world for all”
and the overall aim is to show non-disables people that a person with a disability can be vibrant in the

So many people turned up to experience this happiness and some of the notable people who supported
this initiative are VG Santhosam Chairman of VGP Groups, Actor and Social Activist Lakshmi
Ramakrishnan, Founder of ExNoRa International M.B.Nirmal, Soil Biologist and Organic Scientist Sultan
Ahmed Ismail and many others.