End Of An Era! Kalaignar Karunanidhi

Born in Thirukkuvalai village in Nagapattinam district Kalaignar Karunanidhi original name is Dakshinamoorthy. He was more interested in drama, poetry, and literature during his school season. He slowly engaged in social movements at the age of 14. Karunanidhi also engaged the student community in social work with other members. Then the party’s official newspaper, Murasoli, started developing a newspaper which is exclusive to its members.

As his political career was going aside he got married three times. His first wife was Padmavathi and they had a son M. K. Muthu, who was briefly active in Tamil films and politics. After the demise of Padmavathi, he married Dayalu Ammal with whom he had three sons, M. K. Alagiri, M. K. Stalin and M. K. Tamilarasu, and a daughter, M. K. Selvi. Then he married Rajathi Ammal, Karunanidhi had a daughter, Kanimozhi. However, his family is very huge and some of them are also actively participating in politics.

Not just politics but Karunanidhi was very much interested in spreading the importance of Tamil language. He also writes stories, plays, novels, and a multiple-volume memoir. He has written Kuraloviam for Thirukural, Tholkaappiya Poonga, Poombukar, as well as many poems, essays, and books. He was known to Tamil Industry as a scriptwriter in the beginning. His first movie as a screenwriter was Rajakumari in which M. G. Ramachandran was in the lead role.

Here are some of his great achievements:
⦁ Shivaji Ganesan’s first movie was written by him
⦁ Karunanidhi is the eldest Chief Minister of Tamilnadu
⦁ He delivered the special address on the inaugural day of 3rd World Tamil Conference held in Paris in 1970
⦁ Karunanidhi pursued cinema to politics together. He did not shift from one to another.
⦁ Karunanidhi holds the record of not losing a single election since then
⦁ He founded the first student wing of the Dravidian Movement– Tamil Nadu Tamil Manavar Mandram
⦁ Here he started a newspaper for its members, which grew into Murasoli, the DMK party’s official newspaper.
⦁ He has contributed writing poems, letters, screenplays, novels, biographies, historical novels, stage-plays, dialogues and movie songs to Tamil Literature.
⦁ His energy and success lies in yoga and he is an atheist
⦁ 1961- DMK treasurer 1962- Deputy leader of opposition in the state assembly 1967- Minister for public works and 5 times Chief Minister

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