Extremely talented, spiritual, compassionate to his profession- BRITTO !!

One can with no trouble define the term originality with the name BRITTO. An extremely down to earth person who leads his life with equal importance to spirituality and compassion to his profession. He gives his utmost gratitude to ROTRACT club which has bought the best out of him. He is also thankful to Mister SARAVANA KUMAR from hello FM. He is awfully social oriented person who can effortlessly make friends and make anyone feel at ease. He says he can easily manage being with and without people, and tends to make best use of both worlds. Britto recalls that it all started as a seed of memory which was implanted deep inside his mind and heart, when he used to listen to the radio and it had an impact in his mood and behaviour. When a voice that travels from some unknown place could have such an effect on a people all over the nation, it made him initiate this fire for driving towards this turf. His main motto was to touch peoples heart just the way, the voice from the radio did. When people asked him to lock up his passion and live life like a regular person he went on to prove them wrong.



Britto unplugged is –. I am a very jovial person, I enjoy talking to new people without inhibitions and fear. For instance, if you drop me off in koyembedu without any access back home, I would easily gel with the folks there and make myself feel at home with them. Even though I do see myself as an extrovert, there is a part of me that relishes the alone time that I get. I enjoy being by myself and not only do I use it for thinking and rejuvenating myself but also to evolve myself as a person. I have an addiction to music. I cannot live without music and songs, I truly must listen to it for me to fall asleep and wake up as well. Educationally I graduated with from Loyola and MBA HR from Pondicherry Loyola.


About your early lifeI did my schooling in don Bosco (Tirupatur). To be honest if I were not an EMCEE I would have become a priest. I am extremely spiritual and give importance to show gratitude to the above governing power. School was an active phase in my life. Whereas college was like the slope in the bar graph, I wasn’t actively into participating as there were numerous talents around me but this dint stop me from going for off stage events that involved a lot of art and crafts.


Does stage fear get to you- I was always exposed to stage and performing in front of people ever since I was a child. I sing and dance and actively involve myself in extracurricular activities freely. I was a part of my school choir for a long time. I have become used to standing in front of the microphone and that’s how stage fear and I became friends. Sometimes when I sit back and think about my life, I am grateful to others and my active participation in varies events that has bought me to where I am right now. I must use this opportunity to thank mister SARA as well.


Life changing incident would be-During my final year of undergrad, there was a program called college semma star trending. 13 talented people move forward to get trained by rj Suresh. I came in 14th. It was a grim moment for me. Fortunately, the guy who came in 13th had another commitment to attend so he backed out and I used this opportunity and went in. Rj Suresh is an amazing mentor and talented person who taught me a lot of valuable and life altering skills in my field of interest, it was an astounding sensation to sit inside the studio that I had dreamt off as a child. It gave me the high I wanted to survive.


What is talent per britto Talent is something I have learnt spiritually. Everybody has talent that is a universal truth. It basically comes alive when you identify it and channelize it in the right path. When you self-actualize, yourself you tend to stand out in a crowd of people.



What are the pros and cons of being an EMCEE-?

·       PROS– it does not have a monotonous routine like 9 to 5. There is no feeling of confinement to a single room

·       As you prosper and progress, you start becoming the boss of yourself. You get to choose with whom you wish to work with and there is sense of happiness for it. Your choice and values become important. Working with happiness becomes a part of life.

·       You get to meet new people and build contacts. I can proudly say I have friends from the age of 8 to 80. As I have mentioned earlier it brings immense pleasure to me.


·       CONS – most important requirement for an individual is food. When your schedule is super

·       tight, eating requirements start to vary haphazardly. There is no time for food or thoughts about it. This is physiological.


·       On an emotional level, your busy schedule hardly provides you time for yourself, on top of that it causes misunderstanding and friction among friends. People never or rarely understand my situation and assume it in a wrong way. This is a reason as to why I have only 2 close friends. They are Ashwin and Aysha, my 2 constants who encourage me and keep me on track. Because of this time constrain I tend to maintain good relationship with people superficially.


·       There is no concept of holidays on fixed days. EMCEEs come to life during holidays. This is the electricity to my life and it keeps me on my toes. Despite all this I love my job and I would never sacrifice it for anything. If you are doing your job diligently you will get the holiday you deserve and you can do all that you love during these days.



How does it feel to hear the fact that you are the leading EMCEE currentlyscrupulously it makes me feel very petrified. Real talent tends to be very genuine and ever evolving. If we let the titles get to us we will probably fall prey for pride and haughtiness. That is not me, I want to be in trend with the youngsters and be ever evolving in life. There is a lot to be learnt in life and we cannot let it stop because of a title.


Ten years from now I aspire to be a well-known actor or an anchor in a famous channel or program.


How are you motivated and would you share this to our readers-?

I really don’t think I am experienced enough to give advice to the readers but I would love to share what my brother Mathew used to tell me. It is enormously life changing, at least to my life. biryani can be remembered easily as it is associated with food and face it, every human being loves food. The advice goes like this, dum biryani is a famous north Indian cuisine. To make dum biryani the essentials are fire from the stove and hot charcoal placed on top to double cook the rice. Now assume that an individual is the biryani and he or she must use fire from both past pain and failures to make us move forward in life and the heat from charcoal which can be associated to our future dreams and aspirations. It cooks and grills us to become successful and taste delicious like biryani. Using this simple analogy in life we can flourish in anything and everything.


To conclude I would like to thank my mother C. MARY KALAIARASI, she has provided me with unconditional support and encouragement. When the entire family was unhappy with my choices, my mother stood by my side and motivated me. I am nothing without her.

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