‘I’m Still nervous’- Jacqueline Fernandez

What excited you about Race 3?
There are three main reasons why I signed the movie. Huge brand, Salman Khan and I was a part of Race 2 too. So I thought I’ll do this.

How Is it working with Salman Khan for the second time?
While shooting kick I was a little nervous. But after that, I did around six films and I thought I gained confidence but it was same as on the set of kick. Salman is such a bold actor and he makes things comfortable as possible.

Whats your opinion about Salman Khan?
Salman has been in this industry for around 30 years and he’s got some knowledge from his father Salim Khan too. So he knows how this basically works and he is very supportive too. Everything he says will be very encouraging with high values. I had a great time during the shoots of Kick and now I’m very much excited about Race 3.

How is the chemistry between you and Salman?
There is a good chemistry between us and we’re compatible. Salman knows me from the early days of my career and he has also suggested my names for some movies without my knowledge itself. So there is always a good rapo between us.

Who do you think is a great pair for Salman?
I personally liked Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Also, I felt that it was a perfect onscreen pair.

Why do you always choose commercial movies?
I’m happy about what I’m doing. I don’t like to be a part of the cinema where they force me to act which others do. According to me, a good film is a commercial cinema. And moreover, the audience also likes commercial cinema. I’m an entertainer and I love what I’m doing.

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