Importance of Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength. Just about everyone can do it, too — it’s not just for people who can touch their toes or want to meditate. Some types of are about relaxation. In others, you move more. Most types focus on learning poses, called asanas. They also usually include attention to breathing.

For pregnant women, in this crucial period, Yoga will definitely help them to maintain peace and let their mind, heart and body in relaxed mode. Many may have doubt whether yoga is safe during pregnancy. Yoga is an especially safe and effective exercise for pregnant women because, in addition to providing relief during pregnancy, it can help prepare your body for labour and delivery. The gentle movements and slow breathing can also provide stress relief.

Nowadays, most of the women practice Prenatal yoga for normal delivery in pregnancy. Those who are new to yoga must get it approved from doctor especially during the first trimester because miscarriage usually happens at this time. Also, pregnancy yoga requires utmost care and guidance. There are different yoga poses for different periods of pregnancy and some of them are mentioned below.

  • First trimester period: Corpse pose, Cat pose and the mountain pose.
  • Second trimester period: Utthanasana, Virabhadrasana or warrior pose and Meet Aksharshanasan
  • Third trimester period: Pranayama or Breathing exercise, Utkatasana, Trikonasana or triangular pose.

Prenatal Yoga is good for both mother and baby since it involves a multidimensional approach to exercise like stretching, focusing on breathing and calming the mind. Some safety tips have to be kept in mind while practising Prenatal Yoga. Drink enough water and practice yoga in a ventilated area. Consultation with Doctor before you begin anything at the time of pregnancy.

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