Setting a brilliant example of passion and professionalism, a young man in the United States decided to walk for about 32 kilometers, to get to his work on time on the first day of his job. The devotion and determination seemed to have impressed his boss, who then ended up gifting him a car. After the incident, the story went viral and won the hearts of many.

As per reports, Walter Carr did not want to be late on his first day of work, after his car broke down the previous evening. After failing to arrange a car ride from any of his friends, he decided to cover the distance on foot and started the journey at mid-night to report for his duty that was beginning 8 am in the morning. This incident first came to notice by a police officer, near Pelham who found him walking and enquired what he was up to. After learning about his 32 km walk, the policeman was so fascinated by the young man, that he took him for an early breakfast and then dropped him off at the client’s house where he was supposed to work.

Walter Carr started his journey from Homewood, Alabama, to the town of Pelham, Alabama, at midnight. He walked for at least 20 miles i.e. 32 KM approx before police picked him up at 4 a.m. After listening to his story the police officials took Carr to breakfast and gave him a ride to Lamey family, who he was scheduled to help move that morning.

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