Indrajith is an action fantacy adventurous movie which was directed by Kalaprabhu and has boosted the
image of Gautham karthik . The story is about an retired archaeological professor Mayilvaganan (Sachin
Khedekar) who is in search of a mystical stone as mentioned in his grandfathers old book. That stone is
supposed to be a remedy for all the diseases. So the professor forms a team which includes Gautham
Karthik and Ashrita shetty. Also kapil sharma who is the head of the Archaeological Survey of India
played a decent role in the film.

Gautham karthik has given his full effort and has played a role of happy, energetic and an adventurous
boy. The two heroins Ashrita and Sonarika did not bear alot of script. The music was scored by KP and
is going well with the movie. However the movie has alot of animations and graphics which could have
been done better. And some movie scenes especially the tiger and the plane crash was very dramatic
and the flow of reality was missed in such parts of the film. While considering the genre of the film the
stunt choreography by Fefsi Vijayan and Stunt Siva could have also been better.

All over the movie can be given 2.5/5.