Small talk with the founder of Sandwich Square

There are alot of people who start business every year. Not everyone will be successful. Only some can survive and become successful. One among those successful entrepreneur is Tanveer the founder of Sandwich Square. Here is a small interview with him regarding his business and success story.

Why sandwich shop and not other business?
When i came back from delhi i thought of starting some business. After which I got an idea of starting a sandwich shop and will franchise it. Later when i did a research about it i got to know that there are 100s and 1000s of shops. But there were no shops which has a proper brand name for sandwich except subway. And thats how we came up with this idea.

How was the initial response of the public?
Our first outlet was in spencers. After the opening of other mall’s in chennai spencers came down. So the retail was very much affordable there. We started in November 2014 and by december we had six to seven applications from friends, family and colleagues. And by february we opened four outlets in the city.

To whom do you give the franchise?
The peole who took franchise from me are all my customers. Everyone gets easily attracted to the hotel business. Like every year 100 of hotels will open and 100 will be closed. Since our capital budget is also low it was affordable and profit seeking business too. We initially gave a franchise for 3 lakhs and now it has come upto 15 lakhs.

What is unique about sandwich square?
Nowadays people are very consicious about their health and prefer eating healthy foods. We did a research and found that all the bread that is sold in the sandwich shop has pottasium which is not good for health. It is not banned in India but we’ve banned it for ourselves. Also we decided not to have any preservatives in the gravy. So basically we give preference to quality food and good taste.

What are the struggles that you faced?
The biggest struggle was the trust deficit. Also searching loyal and quality people for work was also very tough initially but now we have alot of people working with sandwich square.

How much sales do you do in a day?
For one outlet it goes upto 3000 to 20,000. It depends on the location and price.

Where do you see yourself in other 5 years?
Now i’m in 10 plus cities, so in other 5 years i’ll be in 5 plus countries. In 2019 I’ll be opening a branch in singapore and there are other countries in which i am working.

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