Small talk with Aravind Jayabal, founder of Raindropss

There are a plenty of social organizations across the city. And here is a Chennai based Social Organization-Raindrops which  spreads social awareness through short films and albums. Isn’t it interesting? Here is a small talk with the founder of Raindropss Aravind Jayabal. 

What does raindropss do?
I was volunteering for various organizations. And that was the time when satellite channels introduced programs for the youngsters come up with short films. So that was a great response among all the youngsters and they were much involved in those activities. At that time I felt why don’t we introduce social awareness through this genres. Like spreading social awareness through entertainment and social media. Usually short films are about comedy, romance, horror etc. So I thought that my idea has a wider reach. Because even the illiterate person can understand about what we are trying to conveying. That was the main cause.

What does Raindropss means?
I thought that there should be a brand name to the album so I randomly thought of Raindropss. The reason behind the name is that little drops can make a ocean. So we are just the drops and we should spread across as an ocean and benefit as many as possible.

What is your first project?
I Started raindropss in 2011 along with my friend Balaji Vasudevan. Our first project was Vizhigal which was about the concept eye donation. So it was a short song for eye donation and the lyrics was written by Niranjan Bharathi who is the great grandson of Bharathiyar. Since this is for a social awareness he didn’t ask me for any amount of money and it was a zero budget project. Also I don’t know anybody to release the song and I thought it would reach wider if a celebrity launches it. So I requested Music director AR Reihana to support us and now she is the brand ambassador for Raindropss.

How was the response for your first project?
Around 200 people attended the launch. And by the end of the launch around 175 people came forward to donate their eyes. On seeing that AR Reihana Mam was really happy and she felt that if this could make a difference then you guys should do more and also she joined the team.

How many projects have you done so far?
We have done seven projects. First for eye donation, second project was ‘Educate a Child’ basic education for all. Leading playback singers like Saindhavi, Srinivas and many others have sung. Recently a song was done for the World Disability Day for which the music was scored by AR Reihana mam and was sung by Bhavatharini and also we have a song for Chennai that is ‘Chennai Anthem’ and also for environmental awareness.

Who is your Role Model?
Each and every person I meet I take them as my Inspiration. There is something or the other that we have to learn from everyone. But specifically my great Inspiration is APJ Abdul Kalam sir.

What are the upcoming plans for Raindropss?
We have been getting various requests from other places across the city and also overseas. We have our team members across the country so already we have started our operations that is supporting people and we are presently planning to expand it in Tamilnadu .

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