Small talk with Suvidha Shekar

Education is important in one’s life. At the same time, our early education is equally important since we all learn our basic manners in it. Here is a small talk with the founder of Williez International School Miss. Suvidha Shekar.

What is unique about Williez?
Williez is 12 hours day care where we don’t use any gadget to teach. We do more of audio visual teaching. We help our young learners to explore and discover their own thoughts with the help of events and activities. Also every child is given an opportunity to explore, learn and enjoy their childhood.

Why did you choose preschool?
Early childhood is the most important part in a child’s life because maximum brain development happens in this time since the child’s mind is absorbent one in this age.

What is your curriculum?
We don’t follow any particular board. We use different kind of teaching. We have a mixture of outcome, objective, play and inquiry based learning methods. And apart from the syllabus we teach them some basic manners. We do alot of practicals rather than using slate or board. Also we have a special class to 2 year old child where we teach them how to wear their shoes and identify them and all. It might be a small thing but to them it is a difficult task. So our kids are learning the basic necessities too. We focus on cognitive and social level.

Is there any special kids?
As of now we don’t have an autism/special kids in our school.

How many students and teachers are there?
Presently we have 80 plus teachers and seven schools.

Is there any plan of expansion?
We don’t to become a corporate in pre-school. I have the plan to expand but it will take time. Because I don’t want the quality to go down.

Where do you see yourself in the other 5 years?
I want to focus on the early childhood only. Because I feel like 1st std to 10th std we learn alot of things. But early childhood is where we learn the basic things and that’s where I want to concentrate. So I will expand many pre-school as well as high school also. Also in high school I want to concentrate more on sports and other cultural activities.

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