Janagaraj is set for his debut in kollywood


80’s and 90’s were said to be the golden period of tamil cinema. Alot of talented artists entered in the film industry and meanwhile alot got vanished without being recognised. One among those actors is Janagaraj. Though he was extremely good, after a period we couldn’t find him on the big screen.

Now he is all set to make his comeback in debutant director Vijay Sri G’s Dhadha 87, that has Charuhasan in the lead role. Also Janagaraj will be doing one of the lead role in the movie which is titled Dharma Avatharam.

The director says that Janagaraj plays a father character who is an ordinary middle class man with problems and how he fights against the problems will be a surprise to the audience.

The sets for the shooting is set in Ooty and the shoot starts from March 14. The director says that he is planning to wrap up the entire film in a single schedule.