Jyothika’s Journey in the Film Industry

Many women quit job after their marriage but only some will not let marriage or motherhood to define their future. One among those women is actress Jyothika. She did quit films after her marriage but however she gave her comeback in the film 36 Vayathinile. Following that she has been doing alot of women oriented and social  movies. Here is a short write up of Jyothika’s previous interview.

It would be around 1000 pictures if we make a collage of your expressions. How did you equip it?

I say it as overacting. It all started from the film ‘Kushi’ because I played a character of a hyperactive girl and we gave so much of importance for each and every expressions. So basically the journey started from that movie.

Having done psychology did it help you to understand emotions?

That is just for a year. I started acting when I was 17. Also it is very interesting that my journey is only 7 years in Tamil cinema. It is a very short journey but alot of things happened and it was very beautiful.

Though you didn’t know tamil when you started your career as an actress, but your language was very clear in the films?

Before i take the dialogues previous day and now i’m taking it one week before itself. Because now i’m very conscious that I shouldn’t make any mistake. I’ve been mugging the dialogues since my first film and that’s why there is always the lipsink.

You have acted with almost all the top actors in the film industry before your marriage. How did it feel back then?

Cinema is a journey to me. The bitter truth is that when the heroines turn 30 or 32 most of them lose their market. It is assumed that when an actress gets married she cannot act with top hero’s. As a women, when I watch a film I don’t like the way women are shown. But however hero’s start their journey at 19 or 20 and act till 65.

How did you feel when you left the film industry?

I was mentally prepared to quit.I was 27 and I found my right man so I thought I have to stop because we had some family plans.

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