Just like the title, the movie is all about “Kabali Da”, screening super star Rajinikanth in a very new look and style.The movie features Rajinikanth playing the lead role as an aged gangster who tries to protect his family and his business from enemies. Followed are the characters played by Radhika Apte as the wife of Rajinikanth,Dhansika as the daughter of Rajinikanth and Winston Chao as the villain of the movie.


This mass ‘Neruppu da’ gangster drama sequence was directed by a talented young film maker Pa.Ranjith.This young director had teamed up with the super star in creating the movie from a fabulous to fantabulous, sky high level ‘Kabali Da’.The music score and the songs done by Santhosh Narayanan have also played a vital role in making the gangster role more magnificent. The title song adds up more power to the gangster role making Rajinikanth more simplistic yet majestic just like the saying-no matter how old he is, his style and elegance never left him away! The song ‘Maya Nadhi’ had driven fans crazy leading them into a wonderful memory and  bringing out their emotional  feeling of love.

The movie majorly deals with the rivalry between the gangsters-Kabali and Tony, later showing how Kabali gets back to his ‘Gang43’ and protects the Tamil people who live in Malaysia. The movie secondarily deals with Kabali finding his daughter and his long lost wife Kumudhavalli.The movie also deals with minor and supporting characters which enhances the depth of the story even more. Though these characters had less screen time throughout the film yet they did  justice to their role throughout the entire travel of the story. The story also faces unexpected twists and reunions, convincing the audience that Fate had only lead them to that incident. The Highlighted area where the expressions, the feeling, the eagerness and the excited emotions of Rajinikanth (Kabali) on meeting his wife Radhika Apte (Kumudhavalli) had Wowed the audience making them feel the longing which one feels when they meet their loved ones.In the scene where he finally sees his wife, makes the audience think that separation is what brings back true love together no matter how the circumstances are. Finally, we wrap things up by stating that Kabali had given that ‘Magizhchi’ factor to the audience at the end of the day.

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