Kota Based Start-up – Toikit

The Kota based Start-up which is involved in the production of toikit is taking the cringe out of using the public toilet. It is common to note that people hesitate to use public toilets since it cannot set hygiene standards. Public toilets in bus stations, toilet and other common areas are mostly not maintained properly which leads to a lot of inconveniences and result in so many health issues.

To overcome this problem, Chirag Dhoshi came up with an idea of Toikit. This one-time usable kit contains hand gloves, a toilet seat sanitiser spray to eliminate foul smell, toilet seat cover, toilet seat wipes, handwash, tissue paper and a hand sanitizer. This solves four major problems – wet and dirty toilet seats, unhygienic surroundings, foul smell, and fear of catching urinary tract infections.

Doshi tells that he has been working with General Motors and OYO for years and since travelling was an integral part of his work. He tells that he found extremely difficult to use any of the unhygienic washrooms. Even in AC first class, washrooms are in poor condition when it is used continuously. So he came up with the idea of Toikit which is now successful.

ToiKit was able to catch the attention of organisations such as the Indian Railway and Indian Oil Corporation.

They have already supplied their products to Indian Railways, which were sponsored and co-branded with Indian Oil Corporation. So far, ToiKit has supplied over 2000 hygiene kits to the Railways, which were distributed to AC first-class and second-class passengers.

The team currently sells its products online on Amazon, Flipkart and its own website. The basic kit, which comes in a pack of 10, is priced at Rs 150. Each pack has a single-use kit of gloves, toilet seat wipes, seat cover, hand wash and hand sanitiser. Another variant, which also includes seat sanitiser, and sanitised seat cover, is priced at Rs 350 for a pack of 10. The team claims it gets over 150-200 packet orders in a month. Chirag added that they have planned to launch various other hygiene and toilet-related products with different kinds of sanitised seat wipes, sprays, non-toxic and organic floor and toilet cleaners, etc, and affordable automatic toilet seat covers as well.







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