Lakshmi Movie Review

Lakshmi is a movie which is about a student who is extremely passionate about dance. Lakshmi is a girl who always loves to dance and she doesn’t care about the place. She dances in the streets, classroom and almost everywhere. Nandhini is her mother and she hardly knows about all this.

Lakshmi later took the help of a coffee shop owner Krishna and gets herself enrolled in a dance academy. Her life entirely changes after this. Lakshmi is a character who keeps the audience engaged and entertained. There is also a flashback scene of Prabhu Deva which is very predictable.

The side roles were not so establishing but then at times, they were noticed. Also, the coordination of the other kids was also presentable and Salman Yusuff Khan’s dance, too, is a pleasure to watch. The music in the movie was very connectable and the cinematography was also adequate.

Rating: 2.5/5

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