It has finally come to an end. The Chennai High court (HC) has announced death sentence to the 23-year-old techie Dashvanth who was involved in the rape and murder of the 7-year-old Hasini in 2017. Not just for Hasini’s case but he was also punished for his mother’s death.

The capital punishment was given by the lower court.

“This court is conceivably satisfied that any sentence other than death would not be commensurate with the gravity of the offence committed and therefore, the case of the accused squarely falls under the category of ‘rarest of rare cases’ and definitely demands the sentence of death and accordingly finds no reason to deviate from the sentence awarded by the trial court and accordingly confirms the sentence of death,” the bench of Justices S Vimala and S Ramathilagam has said.

Here is a short brief on the case: Dashvanth took Hasini to his apartment and raped and later killed her. After then he burnt her body by using petrol in a private place. The police while checking the CCTV footage found that the boy was involved in the case and later they also found out some parts of the girl’s burnt body on February 8.