Man knits sweaters featuring famous landmarks

We all spend a while planning our holiday wardrobes but one man has taken it a step further and knits jumpers to wear on his travels.

Sam Barksy from Maryland, USA, knits sweaters featuring famous landmarks such as Stonehenge, Times Square, or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Then when he visits the site he wears the appropriate jumper for a photograph.


Barksy, who has learning disabilities, first learned to knit in 1999: “I had tried at times when I was growing up to teach myself the skill. But I never got a chance to learn until I was 24-years-old.”

After grasping the basic skill, he was inspired by a template in a Vogue Knitting magazine in 2000, to start on his first ‘world’ sweater, which took him eight months.


Now he knits them for both him and his wife Deborah.



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