Man took 846 days to reach London from Sydney without flying

If you don’t like flying but are keen to visit Australia, then listen up as a man has found a way to do Sydney to London without setting foot on a single plane.

Only thing is, it took him two and a half years and cost £20,000.

29-year-old Ty Dalitz left his home in Melbourne back in July 2014 after a drunken bet with friends that he couldn’t make it to London without using a plane.

They’d better be eating their words as he touched down in London last Wednesday (28 December) after 846 days on the road.

He set off from Australia’s Northern Territory to the Indonesian island of Bali on 31 July 2014, with no firm travel plans – he just knew he wanted to make it to London.


On his blog, Lost Aussie, he describes the sail as ‘anticlimactic’ and ‘Not the elegant and romantic imagery of “sailing” to another country I had imagined in my head’.

Fair enough.

From here, Ty spent three months sailing through the islands of Indonesia ‘covering thousands of miles visiting remote villages and towns, witnessing various crazy festivals and local traditions.’

He sailed to Malaysia, then Thailand, where he spent New Year’s Eve 2014 on a 10 day silent meditation retreat at a Thai monastery.

Ty then managed to hitch hike around 400 miles from Ayutthaya (about 40 miles north of Bangkok) to Chiang Mai in north Thailand.

He took nine different lifts in the back of a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks and a motorbike.

However, the hitchiking didn’t always go well, as locals sometimes didn’t understand the concept.

‘Our inexperience of explaining this foreign idea across the language barrier meant on three separate occasions we got taken in the wrong direction and dropped at bus or train stations,’ he wrote on his blog.

His mum Kathy flew in to visit him in Luang Prabang in Laos, and it was a race against time to make it to meet her off the plane.

The pair did the Thakhek Loop on scooters together, before he headed to Cambodia where he paid a local US$100 (~£82) to cycle him and his stuff 166 miles from Chau Doc (the border of Cambodia and Vietnam) to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam.

It took them three days, on the crazy busy roads of Vietnam.

Ty’s pals then joined him for 10 days scootering around the Mekong Delta.

A railway ride through China, Mongolia and Russia dropped him off in Europe.

Here, he spent a year and a half zigzagging about and basically having the time of his life.


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