Marketing, Master of ceremony and Modeling- Makes a complete KP

A very straight forward and pragmatic person by nature. Talents might be many for this personality but his flair of capturing the audience and taking them for a spin when he is on stage is the show stopper of all his possessions. When all of us fret to even answer a question boldly in class, KP aka KIRUBHAHAR PRAVEEN goes the extra million steps and woes the crowd with his skills. He is also a student, pursuing MBA in Great Lakes Institute of Management. Being a student by itself can be draining for a normal person but KP seems to run on endless fuel that powers him throughout the day. He has given extreme importance to the 3 M’S of his life which are – Marketing, Master of ceremony and Modeling. Just like WWE is famous for triple H, KP is fond of his triple M.

Some details about KP- Basically an engineer who is currently pursuing MBA in great lakes. The whole EMCEE career began in 2013. The 2 things I relish the most which are talking and dancing. The final year of engineering is where I actualized this fact. I enjoy limelight and to be frank I’ve never been bit by stage fear bug, it’s a blessing. I can say the past 3 years of my life have been fruitful.

KP is a creative and outgoing student who enjoys extracurricular activities when compared to core subjects- Definitely! I have worked in TCS which is typical for an engineering graduate but this did not light up my spark, following which I worked as a marketing executive in a start up. Emceeing has always been my part time passion. I have also tried modeling in my spare time. I can honestly say that I am an aficionado of multitasking activities. OH! I almost forgot to mention that I am a party animal as well.

Where there encouragements and discouragements-   Classic Indian scenario, my relatives were astonished by this piece of information. My friends were ever supporting and my parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams, although it did take some time to realize that I was driving my vehicle in a path I loved with the fuel called passion. A special shout out to my aunt who was my unconditional pillar of support. We have a lot in common and she gives me a lot of insights as well.

How do you de-stress- (calm and composed) doing what you love would never drain or stress you out. It in fact energizes you and makes you feel rejuvenated. During my college time and work time, my only ray of hope was emceeing which made me feel alive. And finally I decided to make this passion, one of my professions.

 What made you like modeling – Ever since I started hitting the gym and developing more focus on my-self and my body I got exposed to modeling. I rocked the 6pack abs proudly. There was time when height might have played a small pull down in my life but my confidence remains in a tall pedestal. There are some fuzzy ideas about entering the movie industry but let’s see.

What’s the worst thing that can happen to an emcee on stage-? Uhmm… the worst thing according to me would be the awkward moment of silence when people don’t get your joke. It has happened to me and everyone around me to be frank. Sometimes they wouldn’t understand the joke or take it offensively also. The only solution would be to let them know that it’s a joke and we can laugh to make me feel less tongue-tied.

Your daily schedule looks like it needs more than 24 hours, how do you deal with this-? I just go with the flow. Like how the river flows along the slope. If I can do it, I do it and if I can’t, I cannot. Simple as it is. I am not emphasizing this is the best time management strategy but it helps to prioritize your daily activities and move according to that. I don’t take life that seriously, I live with a motto of living at the moment.

In 10 years you would be- this takes me back to the questions I was bombarded with during my MBA interview (laughs). In 10 years I would see myself as a VP (sales and marketing) in a firm and a person who is owning a big brand in the event management field.


A word of advice to your followers- I am not going to tell the expected words of taking failure with a smile. Any person with real feelings wouldn’t take failure with a smile, at least I wouldn’t. Get angry, feel pissed off and use this rage to power yourself up to push you harder in the future. Don’t be a Gandhi to those who don’t deserve it. I am super straightforward and assertive whenever and wherever needed. You have to be hostile to some extent when it comes to motivation to achieve your dreams. Make sure this aggression acts as your stimulate alone and doesn’t hinder or affect others. Life is once; live for you only. Trust none, except parents.

 Age is never an anchor to your success; never use it to escape from responsibilities.

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  • Panneer Selvam Churchill

    WoW KP – Rocking Buddy STAR

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    Good one 🙂 Congrats KP 🙂 (y)

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