The maternity leave had always been a topic of debate in every company in any sector. In a time where all the employees of a private firm are fighting for 180 days of maternity leave, the public sector goes a step ahead and had gifted the women employees with a 9 months leave with pay for maternity.It is one of best ways to repay for their hardwork in public sector says Selvi.J.Jayalalitha.

As per the announcement made by the honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Selvi.J.Jayalalitha at the Legislative assembly, the maternity holidays for the women workers in any public sector is likely to be increased from 6 months to 9 months. In the announcement, she had said that, “The bridge between the government and the public are the employees working in public sectors. They are the ones who work tirelessly in all the Welfare schemes and make them to reach the needy.” Considering their effort in all the work they do, the AIADMK government had taken a lot of actions in uplifting their lives. On account of that, since the maternity holidays for women had been 90 days. That had been raised to 6 months by the AIADMK party when they acquired office in 2011. In the manifesto presented this year, “We had promised to raise the maternity leave to 9 months. Through this, the mothers can give their full attention to their infants without any hurdles.”

In reaction to this, INC member from Vilavancode constituency, S.Vijayatharani had said that the maternity leave is one of the most important time for a woman. She had appreciated this scheme by the CM. Since the date of conceiving until the first year of the child, it is important that the mother stays with the child. So, she had suggested that the 9 months of leave should be subjected to the convenience of the employee, so that she can take 2 months of leave, work for 3 months and can continue her leave again.

For the suggestion made by Vijayatharani, the Social Welfare Minister of Tamil Nadu had rightly pointed out that it wouldn’t be possible because it is absolutely mandatory for the mother to rest for the first nine months. She said, “The health of both the mother and the child can be kept on check only if the mother takes leave continuously for 9 months. So, it is impossible to have discrete holidays. That would greatly affect the progress of the work.”