Media has been a part of her life ever since the end of high school- Hema Rakesh

The reason why news is called so is because it covers north, east, west and south technically covering all over the globe to bring the latest happenings to us. Imagine a world without news, silent streets and glum lives will lead us upon to sorrow land. Apart from news, the lightening to a news channel is bought to it by their news readers who know how to hold on to the viewers and keep them connected to the world of goings-on.

One such person is Hema Rakesh who resisted her families urge for her to become a teacher to follow her passion of news telling and being in an environment where every second has information packaged into it. She is a living illustration of beauty with brains as she was miss Salem runner up who is capable and educated enough to work in the news industry. She is a news anchor who works with thanthi tv. She has been in this field for the past 4 years. Media has been a part of her life ever since the end of high school. Stating that her baby steps into news land occurred through several local tv channels. Apart from being a news reader she has also secured her M. A and B. ED to suffice her parent’s repercussion. When the talk of what to choose as a career took place in her house she decided to voice out her opinion of being a news reader and was surprised to receive encouragement and support as a consequence from her father. She states her father always believed that a truly successful person follows his/her heart. She has exclusive hobbies such as stamp collection and archaic coin collections. She was awarded RAJYA PURASKAR AWARD for her active involvement in social service activities. She is also one among the brand ambassadors of INDIA TURNS PINK FOUNDATION.



Here are some of the questions which were wonderfully answered by Hema.





Tell us about your experience in the media field?


My career as a news reader was ignited in lotus entertainment and followed by thanthi presently. Apart from news reading I am an avid documentary director. I have directed several documentaries with social cause and social message as a forerunner. One of my well renowned documentary is ‘poon thalirgal’ which is closely linked to the cradle baby scheme initiated by our beloved chief minister J. Jayalalithaa. My entire work package keeps me on my toes and I love it.




Tell us about your school days?

From my school days, I have been an enthusiastic participator in various quiz programs, elocutions and essay writing along with poetry writing. Physically I love dancing and participate whenever I can. I have around 350 certificates awarded to me for my active participation and winning. I also love to sing. I have even showcased an exhibition for my awards in my college twice.


You head political discussion in your current channel, a few words about it?

Yes, I am the one who heads political discussion session in thandi tv and it is a job with a kick to it. There are several stereotypes and prejudices associated with women and their interest in politics, I am here to break that spell. When you are on air and you have an opportunity to deal with this sensitive topic, it is always better to equip and educate yourself about politics ahead of time. Personally, I love politics.


What makes news readers different from other tv personas?

Being in front of the camera and the amount of stress you experience is the same for anyone who works in media. As a tv news reader my work gets bifurcated into travelling to make documentaries, going live for news coverage and initiating the importance of several awareness days and campaigns.


What do you love?

I love travelling and going on an adventure. After marriage, my husband noticed that we had similar thirst for itinerant and journey, so he took me on rafts, scuba diving and several memorable and bucket lists fulfilling expeditions. We have a plan to open a travel agency exclusively for women. As women, we love going out and exploring the world but safety concerns acts as a huge lock in our gates. My vision is to set up a travel agency that caters the needs and likes of female travellers.

I love doing social service and catering to the needs of society is my virtue. I act as an intermediator who loves to connect social needs with appropriate social caregivers.


Hypothetically would you ever want to be a politician?


No! (giggles)


What are your thoughts on technological modifications done to news reporting?

it is a boon to have technological resources serving with news reporting. For the past 15 years, we lived on day to day system where we wait 24 hours to get news updates whereas in today’s time every second has news updates available either on screen or by the click of a button. Revamp has been done to news readers as well, we are trained not to just read news but to become an active researcher who has enough evidence and information to tackle defence. News readers must ever evolve with current trends and leave their comfort zones at untimely hours. Technological development has in fact made our lives easier and simpler.


How has this helped your life?

It has made me understand the importance of vast knowledge and expectations of the people. Any breaking news that occurs will bring the spotlight from people to us. They want us and they trust us to provide them with genuine information. As a news reader when I go on to conduct interviews I learn a lot about people and how life is about being down to earth and humble. Even though the work is little demanding it gives me the daily dose of kick that I expect out of life. These experiences and exposure helps me mould myself in life.


TIPS to become a news reader or journalist?


Always be ever ready for anything. Being active on your feet helps sharpen your senses. It is mandatory to read the newspaper every day to reinforce your knowledge regarding different categories in life. Know terms and terminologies in a profound fashion and you are good to go report. Finally, be confident and never bend before fear. Passion is the oxygen of a true news reporter or journalist.

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