Metrowater To Hire 100 More Lorries To Meet The Demand Of People

It is known that Chennai is under a water crisis. Whenever summer season comes, it’s a common chore for the people of Chennai to depend on tanker supply for water. Many people of several regions in Chennai which includes Triplicane, Choolaimedu and Adyar complaint that they face a constant delay in the delivery of water. People also added that it takes nearly 20 days for a tanker lorry to arrive once when the booking is done. To tackle complaints of delay in delivery of water from several places of Chennai, Chennai Metrowater plans to divert supply to affected areas and hire additional lorries to meet the growing demand of People.

The four reservoirs are going nearly dry, ‘dial for water service’  which is operated in Chennai for the needs of water is receiving more calls daily. In the past month, the number of lorry trips operated daily has been escalated to a great extent, touching 7,071 as on Wednesday, which is 500 more trips compared to February. Of this, nearly 2,600 lorry trips are being operated for payment.

Also, residents of Triplicane added that water supplied by Metrowater either through pipeline or tanker on payment is the only source now as the groundwater level has dipped considerably in the past few years.

It is said that some lorries in Kodambakkam and Nungambakkam are indulged in the illegal transfer of water to private tankers from Metrowater distribution point. Some lorries, which were not in contract with Metrowater, continue to black the name out and often indulge in such illegal activities.

When the work order was cancelled, some of these lorries parked along Prakasam Road and Kodambakkam High Road continue to operate illegal trips in those regions.

Metrowater officials on responding to the residents’ complaints said that measures are being taken to hire 100 more lorries and they had also warned lorry owners who were not on Metrowater contract and asked them to replace drivers to prevent malpractices. Officers are deployed by the Metrowater Corporation to monitor the global positioning equipment fitted in lorries and track them.

The Officials also informed that about 1800 tanks are to be set up on the streets that are running out of the water. Also, lorries are diverted to areas which are in huge demand for water first to prevent delay in the water supply. In areas like Triplicane and Mylapore, an additional volume of 15 million litres a day is to be distributed to meet the needs of the localities.


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