Movie Review:Aandavan Kattalai

aandavan-kattalai-maniAfter the irreplaceable ‘Kakka Muttai’ and ‘Kutrame Thandanai’, Manikandan comes back with a yet another heart-warming tale called ‘Aandavan Kattalai’.Put together a good script with a social message, it is a neatly knit screenplay, backed up by amazing actors. This movie is a pleasant experience. Everyone would go watch this film expecting a social message, given the story of Kakka Muttai. And yeah, it comes with a social message, but that hasn’t affected the entertainment factor of the film in anyway.The film is about a debt-ridden man from the suburbs of Madurai, who comes to Chennai to get a fake passport and fly to London as a tourist and to make a living there. It is a light-hearted entertainer, yet carries a strong issue in an absolutely subtle way. Bribe-which is a predominant phenomena in today’s world has been silently highlighted. Manikandan has attempted to tell us that it’s better to follow rules than to take a shortcut and lose our money.

The story is about a young man named Gandhi (Vijay Sethupathi), who had debted all his sister’s jewellery to obtain a loan. Due to the persistent taunting of his brother-in- law, he decides to go to Chennai to obtain a fake visa (like his friend) and fly to London and make tons of money. Despite being the honest man he is, he’s been forced to lie a lot which he is unhappy about. After all this, his visa gets cancelled. Ashamed to get back to his village, he stays back at Chennai and works as an accountant for a theatre crew headed by a fierce actor, yet a kind hearted man (Nasser). When he gets to be the Manager of the team, he gets a chance to go to London. Nasser, who is an honest man dislikes frauds. So, now the problem arises when Gandhi’s passport has fake details of having a wife named Karmeghakuzhali. So,assisted by his friend Nesan (Aravind), he sets off to solve this issue.

Unlike many other films which deliver a social message in the end, this film boldly starts with the message itself : Trusting middlemen is like using others to scratch your nose. That might make us say ‘Oh’, yet the message was suitable with the entertainer it was. It just travelled with the movie all along. It touches a lot of issues subtly, like  the Sri Lankan issue, women’s abuse (indicating the tea kadai news) and the advantages of following rules.Just like his other movies, Kakka Muttai and Kutrame Thandanai, this movie too didn’t try to preach and stuff the message into our minds. By the way the story moves, the message glides through our mind. Rather than forcing a character into the actor, the director had just observed what the character does in the film, which has brought out a large scope for the actors in the movie.

aandavan-kattalai-new-1The director hasn’t just blatantly judged any character to be in a particular way. That’s what has made the film so realistic.The biggest strength of the film is the cast. Almost every character makes us feel like we are related to them or as if we are them. Right from the minor roles to the major roles, the cast seems to be perfect to the point.  It mostly feels like our own journey rather than other’s. The film depicts situations in which we all would’ve been in one way or another,hence, we tend to question ourselves about what should have been done.Vijay Sethupathi gets a standing ovation(again) for his portrayal of Gandhi. It couldn’t have been more perfect to describe the behaviour of a honest debt-ridden man than the way he had portrayed. ‘Irudhi Sutru’ fame Ritika Singh also portrayed the role of a bold media woman elegantly. Though she has had problems with lip sync, the way she emoted with minute reactions spoke more words. Nesan gets a special mention here. It made our hearts warm.

Last, but not the least Nasser,though he is only in a few scenes, he completely steals the show by emoting a real master(of course, he acted out what he is passionate about. Nevertheless, there was no shadow on Vijay Sethupathi) Kay’s brilliant underscore added more essence to the film. Cinematography can be defined as brilliant. The camera glides smoothly as ever even in between crowds. Overall, this is yet another soothing delivery from the director, who has given his special treatment like in his other movies, that has made even a regular storyline  look realistic and emotional. We definitely have to appreciate and congratulate Vijay Sethupathi, who has now become the light giver of low budget films. It is because of actors like him that we get to watch such good films, which would die if not appreciated.

Verdict : Please don’t miss it. We don’t get to watch such an amazing combination of good writing and amazing acting very often.