NASA Found An Outer Boundary Of Our Solar System

The NASA scientists say that they have found an outer boundary of our solar system. They had said that the new Horizons spacecraft can see that invisible boundary and have named it “hydrogen wall.”

Reports say that it is located at the edge of our solar system. It is been said that the hydrogen wall is the place where the bubbles of the solar wind cease to exist. But, however, it is strong enough to not let the solar winds to pass through. So it basically acts like a wall which is pressing the wind inwards.

The sun will keep throwing out jets of energy in the form of solar winds which will go beyond Pluto and then will merge with the galactic energy. But new reports say that the energy carried by the solar winds accumulate in a particular region building hydrogen wall. And Hydrogen is the most common matter in space.

Also, the scientists did not confirm the discovery.

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