Theatre Play for a Cause

About the Play

A theatre play is something which consists of dialogue between characters and its more like a form of literature. Nowadays there are many plays happening around the city but only some are really appreciable. One among those is ‘Neithal’ which happened on 17th March,2018 at the Egmore Museum. The whole theme of the play is about the current political satire and the fishermen problem. One of the best thing about this play is that it is entirely organised by the students of Rotaract club of SRM Easwari College and the college students have also actively participated in it. Apart from all this the funds which was collected, directly goes to any one of the school in Chennai which lacks in sanitation facilities.

“Most of the youngsters will want to do something for the society. Being one among them and also given the opportunity to work for Aram, we wanted to make sure that we make use of the opportunity and do our best for the event. It is just the beginning . Now we are all set to work for fulfilling our cause , that is providing sanitation to the schools which lack them. There were two shows one is from 5pm to 6pm and another is from 7pm to 8pm. However the crowd was as expected. Aram is one of  the best thing that happened in my life till date and also i’m very proud and happy to be a part of it. ” said Deeksha, one among the organiser.

Opinion of the General Audience

“The play started really well. All the characters were perfectly dipped into their form. The first half of the play was hilarious and on the other hand the real fuzz began in the second half of the play. Each and every character were self involved. The dialogues were perfectly thrown. The emotions were overwhelming and few were over reacting though. On the whole, it felt like it was their cup of tea and they did it with ease. Last but not least it was worth watching and emotionally driven,” said  Deepika Murali, general audience.

“Undoubtedly ‘Neithal’ is one of the best plays I have ever seen in my life . Let it be the details or the acting of the characters , it was kept to the point. The message was not only delivered but also made an great impact on the audience. Overall an eye-opening experience. Kudos to the team .I liked how the satire and the social message had equal proportions , and the way how the depth of the play increased with each character and each scene of the play. Moreover i like the social cause for what they are working for,” said Naurein, general public.

However the play was overall a very good beginning for the youngsters and since they are working for a social cause it is even more appreciable. The Rotaract Club of SRM Easwari has done a great job by supporting the event and also the Chairman Pratibha.P  who supported and organized ‘Neithal’.

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