Newly wed Yuvraj & Hazel feature on cover of

When it comes to classy, the Brits just know how to roll. And looks like our desi boy Yuvraj Singh is also learning the nuances as he poses with his wife, Hazel Keech on the mag cover. The latest cover of FHM magazine has newlyweds Yuvraj and Hazel. The best about their alliance is how they’re having both, a November and December marriage (since they’re getting married in two styles). The duo just got married yesterday in Chandigarh in traditional Punjabi style. They’ll soon be heading to Goa to have a Catholic style wedding as well. However, with the wedding bells still ringing for the couple, they’ve already been featured in magazine covers. As you can see in this mag, Yuvi and Hazel have resorted to looking English.


Well, technically, it’s the stylist and the editor who have formed this theme for the last issues of 2016. but you can’t deny the fact that it has something to do with how Keech is from London. If you weren’t aware of this, the couple have done one more photoshoot with Hello! magazine where they’re both donning traditional Indian wear. Perhaps this is them showing how they get the best of both worlds. As you can see in this photo, the couple look handsome together wearing the classic Brit look. Yuvraj has donned a crisp navy blue suit while Hazel has opted for a dark hued dress teamed with a chic trenchcoat. What’s more impressive is how she has donned a hat with her outfit.

The couple got married on November 30 and we even brought to you all the pics from the ceremony. Hazel and Yuvi have been together for a long time and their love story is a lot like a Bollywood film. But we gotta admit, for their marriage both of them looked very royal as they let the traditions blend in beautifully with their ensembles. You can check out their looks right here. Even on the cover of FHM, while their ensembles do speak for themselves, it’s the chemistry that stands tall. The kind of love the couple share is very much visible in the cover. Perhaps that’s why theirs is one of the most talked about affairs.



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