An aristocrat, a theatre director, an actor and a Padma Shri awardee Mr.Aamir Raza Hussain had always been an ardent supporter of theatre events. He had always held his banner high regarding his love for theatre. When asked about how it all started he reminisces about his days back at his college, St.Stephen’s, Delhi.

He is the creative director of the Stagedoor Theatre company which produces larger-than-life theatre shows. He had played a lot of distinguished roles in shows like ‘The Fifty Day war’ based on Kargil war, and ‘The Legend of Ram’ which is based on Ramayana. Last year, he had performed in ‘The Lion in Winter’ which was at Bangalore. Now, he had moved on to murder mystery, “Once upon a Murder” directed by him and his wife Virat.

His son Gulam Ali Abbas makes a debut through this play. While he explains about the making of this play, he had said that they (he and his wife) have put this one together like an in-house effort. Going about the genre, he says, “It is a thriller”. This play was written by him along with the whole cast members.

The cast of the play comprises of 8 members and some of them are seasoned at Stagedoor itself. “Neel Chatterjee joined a year after I started Stagedoor says he and went on to tell about everyone.

While sharing about his scripting method, he laughingly said that the script is bound to change directions anytime. He also confessed that he still scripts with pencils so that he could make corrections. He drafts it in pencils and then writes in pen above that and lets his children do the typing.

A bonus information was that he and his wife are building a theatre that is like an old fort. He also revealed that it had taken 10 years for them to build one.

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