Pakistan Bans ‘Pari’

Anushka Sharma’s Hindi film ‘Pari’ which was released on 2nd March has been banned in Pakistan, as it said that it promotes non-Islamic values and anti-Muslim sentiments.

The main reason for the ban is that it contains objectionable sequences where Quranic verses have been used.
Sources say that the film also portrays Muslims in a negative way. Also the black magic which is said un-Islamic is to be approved by the film said Pakistani censor board.

According to the reports, ‘Pari’ had been initially cleared by censor boards with an adult certificate. The clearance was cancelled after the Islamabad board banned the film.

The Film Distributors also agreed with the censor board’s decision. There are so many people saying that films which are against the tradition of Islam should be banned in Pakistan. There was another case where Pakistan banned Akshay kumar’s film ‘Padman’ which was said that it dealt with menstrual hygiene.