With the price hikes in movie tickets, film buffs experience the best films in their favourite theatres have been disappointed with the expensive tickets, from rs 10 to 70 ,120 to 150 increasing to 165 ,175 . Families find it inconvenient to go theatres with such expenses and adding more fire is the parking charges from 20-40 bucks .

Fortunately a recent Government Order was issued regulating the parking charges implementing on all theatres but only some of them went by the rules and the rest are still in the same rates which is disturbing the public .

SPI cinemas and AGS cinemas have been charing rs 10 for parking which is convenient to everyone but the other theatres are still in serious violation to the government order. With the movie ticket expense , the theatres would not charge less for eatables to make it correct but reducing the parking rates would be convenient for the public which most theatres wouldnt even follow. How can the film industry accuse the people behind this when they blatantly be a part of this ?

But according to the theatres , they’ve been charging the rates for a while , compared to the airport and railway station charging parking on an hourly basis,it far better . SPI cinemas charge 10 bucks but if you compare to the rates to the tickets and eatables , its far lesser is their opinion.

Let’s hope all this gets resolved and everything is convenient to everyone.