Located at  Nungambakam ,Pasha is a complete no-nonsense party destination.Pasha has clearly set a benchmark for our nightlife culture.Pasha rocks! Every night and on nights when an event is happening here, it rocks even more. Maybe its Pasha’s vaastu or its decor, or its music or its ambience or all of it rolled into one. DJs love playing here, and Pasha at The Park has its own bunch of them doing their thing with the music every night. Although closed on Tuesdays, Pasha is open for private parties. Wednesdays bring the whole place alive with Desi Dhamaka where the music played is completely Bollywood. While you pay an entry of Rs. 2000 per couple, you get coupons worth Rs. 1500, which can be used for drinks and food. But of course, it is not quite enough for the thirsty and hungry that flock to this veiled and sequined space full of strobe lights and writhing bodies on the dance floor. If you’re the sort who wants a little bit of privacy amidst all the noise, you could get a little bit of it on the first floor which has ‘private pavilions’. But really, nobody wants privacy in a night club… or do they? On the other nights you can expect Retro or even Hip Hop and Trance beats playing loudly. Park Martini with Vodka (Rs 550) and Tai Chi Chilli Vodka (Rs 550) are the famous drinks one can have in the club!The entry fee is Rs 500 entry + Rs 2,000 cover (couples only) and works from 8 pm to 2 am (Monday to Sunday).

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