Poomaram – Movie Review


The plot line of the story is about two colleges are trying to win the champion’s trophy in the Youth Festival. The twist and turns in between this event and how the organisers turn it is the movie.


The director has shown alot of emotions and moods in a college youth festival. Some of the scenes are very exciting and at the same time some scenes are not as expected. The two colleges Maharajas College and St Teresa College are keen about winning the trophy. Not different but asusual one of the college was not performing so well and how they overcome and manage was also shown.

Whenever we see a college or school kind of films it just takes back us to our memories. Likewise Poomaram takes us back to our college days and the how the college culturals actually feels like.

The director has however tried to make it realistic. Also all the characters played their role very well and the casting was made very apt. The director has given a humourous touch in the film. A fight with the dance performance of the kalathilakam has also come out very well. But some songs was found a little big which could have been trimmed. Though the climax seems to be beautiful it was not so satisfied.


Rating- 3/5

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