Pretty girls turn heads, Zumba girls break necks- Monisha Dhananjeyan

Pretty girls turn heads, Zumba girls break necks. The mere term Zumba® provides us with excitement and vigour, then imagine the life of a Zumba® fitness instructor. The story about Monisha can motivate and inspire infinite number of couch potatoes to go and become French fries.

They say a true fitness expert is someone who has seen the best and worst of their body and apparently Monisha has seen both the sides of the coin. From being an obese mother of a toddler to the hottest mother any toddler could ever dream of, she succeeded to bring her life in the path it was destined to be.


Tell us about yourself?

I was working for an IT company for many years and after the birth of my child I quit that job and became a full-time mother. Currently I am a Zumba® fitness instructor and it has been 6 months since I became a licenced instructor.


Your achievement in scale?

From 99 kgs to 60 kgs is what I have managed to achieve after I had my epiphany regarding weight and body image.


Tell us more about it?

There is a phase in every woman’s life after child birth where they are extremely prone to getting body conscious. It’s a period of depression that hits you whenever you look down at the scale and feel helpless. I wanted to do something about it have the stale period of vulnerability. I categorically decided to go to the gym and burn calories but that was pretty melancholic, I wanted something that would energize me and keep me at a pace where I can feel blood rushing through my veins. Zumba® was the answer and after a year and half of training I chose to become an instructor myself.


What motivates a person to lose weight? Does it come from within or results due to criticism?


It is a little bit of both. The criticism plays a part of making you rethink about your choices whereas intrinsic motivation is the actual steps you take to eradicate the black spot. My friends were encouraging me during my hard days in a way that I felt happy knowing people care about my wellbeing.


What are your thoughts on ever changing bodily fads?

Firstly, instead of being happy with your own body we must learn to accept our own body. Once you accept yourself you tend to know your strength and weakness. You are aware of what works for you and what keeps you on a healthy scale. When I was, obese I was happy with myself but I dint accept myself as it had its own cons regarding wellbeing. Not one person has the same body type as others hence it’s important for you to accept and value yourself, you can shush haters by proving yourself on a fitness value rather than an anorexic one.


Does pregnancy truly hinder with fitness mission?



Pregnancy is a phase, a beautiful life changing phase. My real advice to those who believe in all these pregnancy stereotypes must go out and get the facts checked by themselves. Just because you are eating for two doesn’t mean you can binge for five. Try to inculcate a balance diet and always perform some moderate amount of exercises. So don’t blindly follow the path , check and reassure before you actually do so.

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