Pride Of Wearing A Kundan Jewellery

Who doesn’t love jewelry? Especially women are crazy about it. Kundan Jewellery a gem set with a gold foil between the stones and its mount. This is a traditional form of jewelry in Rajasthan also known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewelry. Kundan the word means highly refined gold and a pure form of molten gold is also used.

The jewelry is shaped carefully by setting uncut diamonds and polished gemstones into a unique design of gold or faux metal base. Emeralds, topaz, garnets, rubies, moonstones, amethyst, diamonds, bloodstones, sapphires, and corals are typical examples of stones that are frequently used in jewelry making.

This kind of jewelry will be great to wear for a wedding reception especially as its stones will go extremely good with the costume. Also, some people mistake Kundan jewelry is an artificial one which is a wrong judgment. So ladies have a look at this beautifully designed jewelry’s and get set for your next special occasion.

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