Justice for rape victims, Protest at Valluvar Kottam

On 20th April,2018 a protest happened regarding the issue of the Asifa rape case near Valluvar Kottam. It was organised by “Thedal – an organisation of Social Architects “.

Actor Vishal, Prasanna, Karthi, Sangeetha, Srimathy kesan -founder of Space Kidz India, Noori -founder of SIP Memorial Home and many more celebrities and social activities were present in the protest.

One of the heart touching moment is when a small kid stood up and spoke saying “As teachers give punishment in the school, the people who do mistake have to be given punishment” and another kid was holding a board saying ” Police uncle Are we safe?”.

Deepa, doctor who was one among the organizers told that the minimum age of a rape case is 8 months infant. Isn’t it shocking? Yes this is what happening in our country. Until we all speak up nothing is gonna change. People should fight for justice.

Actor prasanna said that “I like a girl child but i’m scared about how to raise the kid in this society. This should come to an end”.

The speakers told the public about the importance of equality, self-defence, good touch and bad touch and many more. Also a a little girl demonstrated some self-defence positions.

Srimathy Kesan, founder of Space Kidz India said that “this should just be a momentary issue or outburst, this has to be persistently watched and spoken until there is a change in the education system, where Self defense becomes a part of the curriculum. Stringent law to be introduced against women abusers. And most importantly it’s in the hands of the parents to teach their Sons to respect Women. We are working towards taking our Country to Great heights in the field if Science and Technology but, unfortunately my heart pounds and stops beating when such ghory incidents are brought to light. India branded as the most UNSAFE Country foe Women, shame on us for this image.
 People please wake up, please change and make our Country the “BEST and SAFE PLACE FOR ANYONE TO LIVE AND CHERISH THEIR DREAMS”.
Not just one there are thousands and thousands of rape victims. And the bitter truth is that many cases are not even filed.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported. Out of these, 24,470 (which is almost 98%) were committed by someone known to the victim.

Recently a rapist named Anbarasan who is the culprit for 168 rape cases was given bail. Where is the justice? Is he an innocent? Why not a death penalty? There are plenty of questions but the answer is still unknown. We the citizens of India(be it women or men) need equal rights, equality and safety and Justice


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