Pyaar Prema Kaadhal – Review

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal is a film which most of the people were eagerly waiting to watch. This film is about a couple who is of a different mindset and how they go through tough times as their thoughts of life do not match with each other’s.

Sri (Harish) is a decent middle-class boy who is simple and his life just revolves around his parents. He is too much attached to his mother who is always concerned about him. Apart from his family, he is close to Thangaraj a nearby tailor and Sindhuja(Raiza). Sindhuja is a practical girl who wants to own a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Sri and Sindhuja initially meet in their office where Sri falls for her. But he was so hesitating to take the first move while she understands it. Both of them become friends very soon and later they take the relationship to next level. When they both wanted to start living together Sri believes in Marriage while Sindhuja opts live-in relationship. The bond got complicated when they start arguing this. And this is how the movie goes on.

The movie is quite romantic and the chemistry between Harish and Raiza is the highlight in the movie. Also, the performances of Rekha, Pandian, Anand Babu and Munishkanth were good too. Last but not the least the music in the film was ultimate. Yuvan has done a great job and each and every song was perfect.

Rating: 3/5

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